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Sa Da TAY!!! And Yaoi art?!?! EHHHH?

Just got finished watching Pootie Tang for the first time.. It's kinda tedious updating now that i think about it.. Blogger doesn't have a solid way of keeping me connected with other artists.. =\ And i forgot how to follow again.. What a pain.. Anyways!

Slapped this together while testing out my new intuos 4. A member on DeviantART messaged me yaoi blog saying someone was using it without my permission.. I couldn't even get passed the first page, i was like fuck it, they can have it LOL!

Here's the blog:

Just as long as i get credited, and you don't make money off my shit i really don't care. In other words,

Don't call it yours.. This includes tracing i guess..
Don't get money off my work.



The power just turned back on a couple hours ago.. just scanned some stuff i did last night in the dark, minus the wolf. Not too big on vanille, but eh.. they're all rushed.

Update on life . .


Well, around the last week of May, I got my laptop with all of my recent artbook work stolen.. which sucked, but in that time Alvin Lee hit me up to do some gigs with him, also becoming a better sketch artist than I thought I could be.. which's crazy.

Honestly feels like life kicked me in the balls, and jessica alba from idle hands came and kissed it away, LOL.. crazy!

Also have a few sketches and art i need to post. If you guys wanna hit me up on the regular, i'm on facebook. I'm on my phone damn-near constantly so just hit me up :)

Also, my buddy Jorge Farres was kind enough to color my crappy Soma, and made it insane!!! Overnight too!!

I gotta get into Painter.

Sorry for the absence...


Here;s a sketch of Ryu ^-^



i really don't know what to say anymore.. Inception was incredible.. about to go to the buffet in a bit.. here's some artbook stuff? (Kamen Rider W)

i guess i'm alive..