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Me?? A musician?!!?


hd is AWESOME! it was definitely worth the wait too. omg. i'm not too good with super turbo but hopefully i wont be raped. i wasn't beaten too bad thus far. i've also been making random beats for a bit. i'll load some mp3s of stuff i will do in the future. hope you'll like it! it's gonna be like hip hop-ish electronic 8-bit/dope?

Magnetic Yellow


i love this song. hope you guys had fun finding deals and shopping online! (:

happy thx


i'm eating right now. enjoy the file i guess.

Apple Paper


I've done all the commissions + in the last 2 days. I asked for an extension mainly for the contest, but ended up dealing with a lot of holiday stuff also. Aaaand about the contest... I saved the psd wrong and the file size came up like 720 by like 300 or some weird shit. It ended up not being in at all which sucked. Oh well... better luck next time. I did this raph last night. Painted and drawn, I thought of the vid, and Jon when I did it. Rushed the painting though. and the line weight is quite noobish.

vid of the day.


Chronic Future's new EP up.


i cant wait to get it.

Back to comissions..

i finished my cover for sf4's contest about a day and a half ago. i have to sign on dA and let everybody know i'm working on the last 7 $20 commissions.i'm almost done 4 and the other 3 i'd recently received money, so they should all be done by the end of the week. busy busy! i was going to make a gallery page along with more links and layout coming up, but i haven't had much luck getting a connection lately. sry bout that.