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These commissions are eating up more time than usual. Then again getting equipment is kinda chaos too. I'd rather not rush the works people paid their hard-earned money for so... I'll have the stuff up hopefully by January 3rd. Bbl.

Not ready for christmas


I'm soo not ready. I have to remind myself to add more artists' links. How do you Follow someone's blog? That tutorial i posted was kinda bluh, so... idk. i'll try to make one that's easier to grasp, with a .psd file to go with it. this sagat took like 5 minutes.

i just orlyzed


whenever i'm bored, by default my mind says "Ryu". it's sad rly. rly sad.. came up w/ some concepts. like this okay-looking rune knight guy and his berserker partner. idk. paypal comes in like 3 days can't wait. laterz!


SF Tribute Book


i got my sf tribute book this past saturday and omg, it's awesome. it was definitely worth the wait! OMG. but yeah been playin hd remix and drawing stuff, fixing up a portfolio finally.. i built up enough courage to pursue my dream. Wish me luck.


HD Dictator


played hd today and was goin at it with this guy AirUNIT. and you know.... i was having fun, then he kinda go to me in some of the matches. one he particularly raped my sagat and boxer. so i picked dictator and ruined his day. final score 29 to 10, me.

he ate air strongs all day.

I've been looking at nJoo's work lately and man, i had THEE WORST craving to do digital again. i remember trying thiss waaaay back about a year ago, and no dice. hated everything, the feel, general composition and whatnot. but njoo makes it look right. so thats where i got it from. Thanks Andrew. the man is vicious.