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Obnoxious Groundhog?


more WIPs


kdwa nfkjs f

Booking a hotel for me and my gf's anniversary next month.. you remember the beginning of spider-man 2, when peter was sooo close, but he would always be late? yeah, that's how i feel with art these days. sleep deprivation.

Sticks and Stones


Just came from the beach so i guess that's where the stones would come in for this entry. Man it was soooo fun. I have to get back to work though. Gotta go to stef's tomorrow to scan what I had done this week. Did I put up that ken stick too? Ahh man, my memory sucks hardcore.

Cracking down on..


tones and such. I really have to man up and post some 'scapes on CA. Hell, post on ca.org PERIOD!

I'm too skerrd.

My ram turned out to be incompatible to my tablet pc, which sucks i gotta send it back. Waiting for my SF Artworks book to come in, and I'm cracking down on commissions since I'm done with panels. Trying to get my tones down, but I just don't seem to understand it. It seems tones are all about relativity, but I don't know what tones work with what and how, why etc... it's weird.