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for some reason i got reeeeally frustrated with the way my commissions were coming out. so i'm redoing the 3 line arts... idk, i'm just having trouble with the transitions of them. i don't even wanna show the other one.


I've been having a really hard time lately with my current situation.. here's the deal:

i'm in a serious relationship, and getting my portfolio together i'm thinking.. man! this's it, once i get down these things, and show udon i'm soooo gonna be ready to work professionally! and here it is, i'm possibly jeopardizing another great piece in my life. cuz i'm sooooo happy when i'm with stef, but the thing is, i want to pursue my art full-time! i mean, not saying that she's not willing to wait for me, but i know these long-distance things dont work very well. and i'm terrible with conversations over-the-phone.

video coming shortly..

i was testing out cs3 and thought, hey it would be cool if i posted a quick sketch vid.. with music and all.. but the laptop said the resolution didnt support it or something... so i thought of the problems, and remembered that i had to install another driver that was missing. turned out it was the one for the monitor's display! now everything runs even smoother. so expect something in a bit. sigh valentines is coming too... don't know what i'm gonna get stef..

Sketchbook release?


I was thinking of divising a sketchbook within the spring time to be ready for summer.. but the content... what would it consist of?

It'd have to be like 100 pages and like $20 or something... like really reasonable.

FRUITS Clipper


I had a reeeally hard time fighting mom bomb in ff4ds. beat him though. i posted up fruits clipper. my favorite part is at 2:37. Enjoy. :) Woooooo