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Well lookie here..

i found a nintendo ds lite on my way to stef's... it was on the train tracks, and i was like..


got jade-starrz's laptop.. but once i click the log on, it's like windows isn't activated, you must activate it. then this blue screen says, windows is activated, then it goes back to the login menu, where it is again, a repeated loophole.

i am saddened.

Things To Look Forward To This Week

1. Laptop... commissions!!!
2. Lilith Tribute Submissions Entries!
3. Niece's birthday necklace.
4. Jabbawockeez Mask.
5. Capcom Design Works.
6. Portfolioing.

I just can't wait to finish my work now. RRRGH so much energy!



alot of collabs for lilith. i wonder how you can follow other blogs.

hmm.. tributing

i have two choices for the new tribute book for udon. i never noticed, but darkstalkers is so..... blue. it makes me sad. i wonder what arnold tsang's gonna do. i recently befriended an artist who was in the sf tribute. his name is Benjamin Ang. really awesome guy. i hope the guys on srk get in on this book this time.


one of my favorite parts in this movie. f**king genius! LMAO


my comp's dead. and my laptop's pending. i'm so depressed right now. love this song though.