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chronic future's ep comes out 11/11. finally! they said something about an album coming summer of 08 but nothing happened. i was sad. but now i'm happy. this and restiform bodies. great music. umm... other than that i would take pictures of what i ate at the buffet but stef lost my camera. no dice. i was thinking of keeping color rates low so people can at least buy colors and still have time to by their favorite ice cream. i dunno.


listen to Sometimes. great song!~


new psd


jhg djsd idk, i love you guys! ^_^

pork rind....? pork rind.


been doing commissions and reading alot. hung out with the fellas and stef blended right in. she didnt enter the contest so her use of the tablet was in vein.... sigh. i still love her though. knowledge is priceless. ninja turtles(1990) came on right before i left today! so i slapped on some colors to jon's leonardo from back in the day.

that's... about it i think. its becoming a bit of a nuisance the past couple of days about sending 20 bucks in an envelope. im trying to be humble and patient, but man. i just wanna color for cheap for the time being. just wrap it in a piece of paper, send me your drawing and bam. i'll have it done pronto. i dunno. ill get paypal.

restiform bodies!


more photoshop documents



i also have great news.... my gf lost my pen to my tablet.sigh, i still love her though. i have to add more of my friends on my blog and music. i just dont have time these days. i'll get to it eventually.

sigh.... PSD


my gf farted on me... im so pissed. ~sigh~

and she's not using the tablet soooo... im wasting around doing nothing.... for nothing! argh. she better fucking win! all because of that fart. im upset. but take this psd of ike. its best loaded in photoshop 7. have a nice day!