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been listening to sole and the skyrider to calm my nerves.
ive been so lazy lately, i dont even feel like hitting the apostophy let alone comment. but i will i promise ''''''''''''''''''''''''

awesome music. sad day for investors and stupid things implode are my favorites i think

Poor steffie.


stef caught my cold. and now i feel bad. i colored up ken. over the lines too somewhat.

teh crazybots


t3h 3's l337 ur cr8zyb07z!

August 20

learning the ins and outs of this blogspot. i have random sites and things to come in a bit i promise art and pics. and soon.... no more deviantART! :0

august eighteen



of some last fan arts before i get into original concepts.. i lost my f pencil. ):

i'm torn between which arm to use for dudley atm. i rly liek teh lower arm because i like the animation frames from 3s when he moves back. and his reg stance would be too practical.