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It really helps to..


1. Listen to music you like, but aren't familiar with..

2. Warm up prior to real sketches.

3. Study study study.




I went so far as to make a friends connect account and set comments to notification. Now i still haven't found out how the hell to follow blogs. This's upsetting. I'm missing out on some awesome artwork this very second. And i have a ton of bookmarks. Following would cut it down by at least 20. Multitasking like a mofo, w/ commissions artbook and life. Still haven't seen Where the Wild Things Are. I heard it was good, but depressing toward the end. *shrug*


Ok. Cool


I'm learning a little more about blogger and i think i know how to Follow blogs now. The artbook on the other hand.. I was wondering about prices, and how to make it reasonable in terms of production, shipping, quality, profit etc. And I want it to be cheap, but it seems shipping may be included (yuck). I'll try my best to keep the few of you who want it posted. And try my best as well. :) This's Natsuki and Sakura from Boukenger. Greeeeat show, both characters rocked it. Sakura's probably one of my favorite chars. of all time. I can't wait to finish this one, as you can tell from the early paint over. BLAAAARGH!



And with pretty good news. I was away for awhile, mainly doing paid work and being artistically deprived. But for some reason, today it's somewhat sinking in... like I AM an artist. it's so odd. Like, i feel the way i did in 06-07. Like this literally happened like an hour ago. Before i felt like i drew with my hand, not my heart. NOW i feel the way i should.. no idea how the hell it happened... maybe it's cuz it's not commissions for once? Oh yeah, if you guys want me to just load up finished work just let me know. I usually post unfinished work to gain criticism. No matter what skill level, you could draw like Rob Liefeld for all i care, LOL i don't mind.