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august eighteen


of some last fan arts before i get into original concepts.. i lost my f pencil. ):

i'm torn between which arm to use for dudley atm. i rly liek teh lower arm because i like the animation frames from 3s when he moves back. and his reg stance would be too practical.
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11:13 AM

Hey Kandoken awesome art as always. I've seen your art on DA. Anyway was just wondering if you would mind if I lined your blog on mine. anyway let me know peace.    

1:56 PM

killer sketchbook friend!    

10:41 AM

Congratulations Kandoken! I Love your lines.
I watch you on deviantART and hope you have more time to work on this blog.


9:25 PM

thanks you guys. any intake on which arm i should use for dudley?    

9:36 PM

I really love all your sketches! Don't stop doing fan art! do both!!!    

10:55 PM

I like the dudley with the lower arm, it's different from the usual two arm up dudley stance.

lol at Japanese style negro rage Balrog.

Love Snake and Ocelots wrinkles.    

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