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I've been having a really hard time lately with my current situation.. here's the deal:

i'm in a serious relationship, and getting my portfolio together i'm thinking.. man! this's it, once i get down these things, and show udon i'm soooo gonna be ready to work professionally! and here it is, i'm possibly jeopardizing another great piece in my life. cuz i'm sooooo happy when i'm with stef, but the thing is, i want to pursue my art full-time! i mean, not saying that she's not willing to wait for me, but i know these long-distance things dont work very well. and i'm terrible with conversations over-the-phone.
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3:26 PM

Buy her and yourself a webcam. That is assuming she has a PC though.    

2:46 PM

Dude, I know what you mean. I'm lucky to have a girlfriend who can get as busy as I get with her substituting and with her college work. You're awesome, and you're gunning for something that you REALLY want to do; I'm sure she'll understand any of the problems that might occur from this- but you CAN make this work :)
You're talented and I'm sure she loves your creativity as well as you; and hopefully she'd want you to be the "best you" that you can give her.
Like Carolina said, though, webcams could work too!

Seeing as how this is a long distance relationship, I don't follow how the art career would impact it. Would it prevent you from communicating online or via the phone? I can see the first, but it's possible to work and talk at the same time, so I can see everything being hunky-dory if you have phone chats :)    

4:17 AM

you got to choose what you Kando. you can't have both of these RIGHT NOW until you know how to balance a schedule for your art and things of that nature. fine go ahead and talk long distance, but we all know in the heart that long distance is too far. Share a blessing dude...    

10:46 AM

I was in a long distance relationship with someone who was purusing an art career so i can see it from your girlfriends point of view.

He was my first love and because I too do art but am not and was not as good as him at it, it became difficult, he would make me draw at least an hour a day and would force me to show him my stuff which i'm very personal about, in the end we ended up splitting up. not just because of the long distance but because he would say things to me like ''I don't want to be with you if you don't want the same career as me'' etc, and his career was to be a concept artist, which I too wanted but he made me feel awful about myself.

What I'm trying to say is as long as you love her and she you, and you don't go down a road of becoming someone who becomes so obsessed with art that in the small time you guys do get together you ignore her then things will work.

I think a lot of the problem for me was I understood and was happy to support my ex, but he was becoming a control freak, I became scared of him after he grabbed me roughly once, and half of the arguments were about art, and how I was treated, he became an ass.

As long as you focus on your art career but understand that your girlfriend is there and when you guys do see each other to spend that time about each other not about your art, as much as she will support you i think that, well from my point of view, I became sick of art, it became such a chore, it was something I began to hate because I felt I came second to drawing, so as long as you never make her feel that way, there's nothing to say it won't work.    

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